What is an RPT?

Feb 4, 2014

The Registered Piano Technician designation is the foremost piano technology credentials in North America. All RPTs have passed three rigorous exams:

  1. Written: This exam covers topics such as piano history and design, tuning theory, and repair techniques.
  2. Technical: This is a practical hands-on exam that tests vertical and grand piano assembly and regulation, string splicing and replacement, hammer reshaping, and many other common repair techniques.
  3. Tuning: This is a practical hands-on exam that tests all of the aspects of tuning a piano, including aural tuning, setting the pitch using a pitch fork, and tuning stability.

The RPT credentials and exams are administered by the Piano Technicians Guild, an international organization that promotes excellence in the field of piano technology.

The RPT exams test only the most critical field jobs in the vast field of piano technology, which is why I am committed to continuing education and continually upgrading my skills to serve you better.

When you get an RPT to service your piano, you can rest assured that your piano is in good hands.