Why Bicycle?

Mar 31, 2014

I use a variety of transportation options in running my business: walking, bicycling, and using public transit. However, I am proud to say that I  get to most of my appointments by bicycle.

Clients are often curious about my choice to travel by bicycle. Although there are many personal benefits, such as keeping my costs low, keeping me fit, and having fun, my choice to bicycle is primarily one of service to my community. Choosing to bicycle:

  • Keeps the roads safer - Bicycle collisions are rarely serious,  whereas there are more than 10 000 serious injuries and more than 2000 deaths each year in Canada from motor vehicles collisions.

  • Reduces air pollution - Prince George has notoriously poor air quality, and motor vehicle use is one of the major polluters.

  • Reduces global warming - More than 1/4 of Canada's greenhouse gases come from transportation. Bicycles are 0% emitters.

  • Reduces traffic congestion - Prince George's traffic is getting worse every year, and bicycles take up less space on the road.

  • Keeps the roads in better condition - Although weather has a large effect on road condition, heavy use by motor vehicles also wears down our pavement.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you ride all year round?

Just like for motorists, some days are more challenging to get around than others. Although I do bicycle year-round, on days with heavy snowfall I usually find alternative methods of transportaton.

Is it safe?

Yes! Bicycling is generally much safer than driving. In the winter, I use tires with carbide studs make riding on ice a breeze.

Isn't is too slow?

Except for rush-hour traffic and very short distances, bicycling is generally slower than driving. However, by using a combination of public transit, bicycle, booking tunings close together this additional time can be minimized.

Can you carry all of your tools?

Most technicians keep a large stock of tools and supplies in their vehicles to be prepared for almost any emergency. However, 95% of service calls only require a handful of tools. I continually monitor my tuning cases to be sure that I am prepared for uncommon repairs while still keeping my weight down.

What kind of bicycle do you have?

I use a Workcycles Fr8, distributed in Canada by Urkai in Montreal. It is a hybrid city/utility bicycle handmade in Holland, where bicycling is a way of life.

What about servicing pianos outside of Prince George? What about moving piano actions?

I service pianos throughout Northern BC and provide complete piano service, including shop work. I simply bicycle when appropriate and drive when appropriate.

Do you really not have a car?

I really do not have a car. I have arrangements with several partners to provide a variety of vehicles, each equipped for different uses, including a station wagon, a pick-up, and a 4x4 SUV.