Vanderhoof Piano Teachers

Swan Kiezebrink

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Swan Kiezebrink is a certified Advanced Specialist Piano teacher with the Royal Conservatory, a registered Suzuki Piano teacher through the Suzuki Association of the Americas, a vocal teacher, and an Intermediate Specialist with the Royal Conservatory for theory instruction

Jacquie McLeod


Jacquie McLeod has graduated from the Royal Conservatory Of Toronto with her ARCT in Voice Performance, but has also studied with Western Board and at University of Victoria. She has a great deal of experience teaching music and specializes in Voice Performance. She is also a member of the BC Registered Music Teachers’ Association.

Julia Wick


Julia Wick is a graduate of the Royal Conservatory and holds both an ARCT and a Diploma in Music. She teaches students of all ages and levels, from Beginner through Advanced Piano and specializes in all levels of Royal Conservatory Theory and Pedagogy. Julia is a member of the BC Registered Music Teachers.